Our Story



The Cincinnati Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America is to provide the owners and enthusiasts of the Mercedes-Benz marque an experience that will help you develop your love for the marque. This is accomplished by affording club members a unique opportunity to participate and share with fellow members the wonderful experience of owning and driving, what is universally recognized as the best, and continues today, to be one of the finest luxury motorcars in the world.


Mercedes-Benz automobiles have a rich history in the automotive world. Likewise the Mercedes-Benz Club of America has a history dating back to 1956. Today the Club has 22,000 memberships worldwide. The National Business Office is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The National Club governing body consists of an Executive Staff and National Board of Directors. The United States is divided into eleven Regions, each having a Regional Director. Our Cincinnati Section is part of the Central Region. Our Section was established in 1961 and we presently have approximately 230 members residing in the tristate area.


In August of each year, all Cincinnati Section members are given the opportunity to meet and develop an agenda of events and activities for the upcoming year. We endeavor to plan events each month that will be of interest to our diverse group of members, and what they would consider, “fun things” to do. Having fun with our cars and fellow members is our ultimate goal. We have a wide range of events - some driving, some technical, and some social. Several of our events are traditional/annual activities, such as our New Member Dinner and our Concours d’Ordinaire. Many of our Section members volunteer to host these events and other members assist as needed. We make a sincere and concerted effort to have events that are interesting as well as entertaining, where members enjoy one another’s company while having a lot of fun.


Membership in the Mercedes-Benz Club of America and the Cincinnati Section is open to anyone who owns, or has an interest in, Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Some of the advantages of membership include a subscription to The Star magazine, which is a world-class, bi-monthly publication and is the official magazine of the MBCA. The Members that qualify will receive special discounts, when purchasing a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz. A discount on parts and accessories at local Mercedes-Benz dealerships is also available. MBCA membership also includes membership in the Cincinnati Section and entitles you to a Quarterly Newsletter highlighting upcoming events, reviews of recent events, and other items of interest about our members and their cars.

By far the greatest reward in belonging to the Cincinnati Section is the opportunity to associate and interact with fellow members. We assure you that you will receive a warm welcome and will also quickly establish long lasting relationships with fellow enthusiasts. You will find that our members are very special individuals and will do their best to make you feel at home in our Section. Your membership dues will be the best investment, outside of your Mercedes-Benz automobile, that you will ever make